Upgrading to PHP7

Number of things has happened last night. I came home early and started working on my “Ekushe” project. While playing around with a certain PHP function, I had to look for the official documentation for that function for better understanding. As I was browsing through the news archive section, I realized that PHP7 has already been released in early December of 2015. Suddenly it also reminded me that my web hosting provider emailed me couple of days ago regarding PHP. Even though I couldn’t remember what exactly that email was all about, I logged into my hosting account and figured my hosting provider is also offering PHP7 to use on my web applications.

Even last night this site was running on PHP 5.5.6. So I did some googling and figured that the latest version of WordPress supports PHP7. It not only supports PHP7 rather it gets a huge boost in terms of performance. I upgraded my PHP without even think any further. As I am writing this post, my server is running PHP7 as well. This new version of PHP brings bunch of new changes along with huge improvement as far as the performance is concern. I will not get into any in-depth discussion on this simple googling will give number of results. You can also take a look at the official documentation on this.

PHP v7PHP 7.

On my last post, I wrote about my “Ekushe” project which I am planning to release as early as possible, would definitely get benefited from this new version of PHP. Last night, I also downloaded the latest release of XAMPP that comes with PHP7 pre-installed and currently moving all of my files to test out the compatibility issues (if there is any). Even though I am not expecting any major hiccups but I think think it’s better to be safe than sorry later.

Before I wrap up this post, if you are one of those WP user, please check out if your hosting provider is offering the latest version of PHP or not. If they do, make sure you have the latest version WP first and then upgrade the PHP, you won’t regret it. Peace.

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