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Without any examination, it’s quite safe to say that we all are going through a rough and chaotic time. Be it in the USA or the World, there are just so many stupid things are happening and I am not sure how to make sense out of all these. You go digging and learning certain incident and there is another one right around the corner. How in the world people can even keep track of all these?! This is absolute madness.

Only few days back we learned about the killing of the Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, then the suspicious package sent to the democratic leaders and now today, I just learned that a lunatic individual killed 11 people at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Synagogue? a place of worship? can anyone make sense out of this barbarism? A deep rooted hatred towards the Jewish people perhaps. I am pretty sure law enforcement authorities will soon figure out the motive behind this attack.

But on a personal level, I am overwhelmed and deeply saddened by these atrocities that are being committed on daily basis. Where is our freedom of speech, where is our Democracy? where is our Humanity? What kind of society and the world at large we are living in? Are people out of their mind?! It leaves a trail of questions without any satisfactory answers.

What possibly we the ordinary citizens can do? Basically do nothing but to watch in horror and keep our mouth shut. Or may be we should become more concerned citizen, raise our voice against violence and teach our children to become a civilized individual. No one can avoid the moral responsibility of supporting the causes for a responsive and a healthier society.

Unfortunately, we the people became herd of donkeys and nimble animal that we need constant guidance. Why we always have to rely on our law enforcement agencies and think that they have some sort of magical solution to fix all of our social problems? why can’t we just work together to build a better society where we can get along with each other and live in peace and harmony? We should be ashamed of ourselves.

My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones. May our prayer be with them and may their soul finds the resting place that they rightly deserve.

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