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It’s a snowy Saturday over here in New York. Well, winter is here and I got nothing to complain about but staying at home is kind of boring. Even though a typical Saturday is pretty much dull for me anyway. During weekdays, I can’t get to sleep “well enough”, so basically on Friday night I tend to sleep much more. Waking up pretty late on Saturday is kind of normal for me.

Generally speaking, on a regular Saturday morning I would wake up pretty much whenever I feel like & take shower afterwards. Then I would prepare my breakfast at home or I would head out to the nearest cafe with my notebook to grab my breakfast. Yes, coffee is a must for me. I can’t think of a day without coffee, sorry!

Watching or reading while enjoying my breakfast or dinner is something I tend to do quite often. Not the best practice but I think having your food and looking at it all the time is something I just can’t do. Call me weirdo.

When I checked out the weather report this morning, I didn’t feel like going out. So, I prepared my breakfast at home and enjoyed it as much as I could have. Skimmed through some of the site’s that I used to visit on regular basis. I lost most of my interest on reading newspapers or watching television. In most cases, there would barely be any good news. That person died, cease fire, terrorist attack, share market plummeted, news like these gives me unnecessary headache on weekend when I am trying to make the most out of my day. Not sure how possibly any sane person can go to bed and sleep properly after reading all these.

Looking at the snowfall, I felt like listening some romantic song. I turned on my stereo and played some nice music while reading some stuff. All of sudden! I realized I didn’t had my coffee yet. It’s already 3pm and I still didn’t had my coffee! I sincerely didn’t plan to go out but I had to. Well, it wasn’t quite as bad out there as I expected. I grabbed my coffee and headed back home in no time.

Have a nice weekend ahead and enjoy your precious moment with your family. Good night.