Scary Spoofing Phone Call & the FBI

  • iftekhar
  • Oct 23, 2018
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This evening I got phone call from someone/some entity to my Google Voice number. Not once, nor twice rather I got call three times. Fortunately or unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the phone call so naturally I couldn’t pick up as I was preparing my dinner. However, when I was all done with my cooking, I sat down in front of my computer and looking for the identity of that number.

Surprise, surprise that number belongs to the FBI headquarter of a state (I don’t wanna mention for obvious reason)! It scared the hell out of me. I mean come on, ordinary people like me don’t expect a phone call from an FBI agent let alone the regional Headquarter office. I was like what the “F”! what happened? what did I do wrong? Well, I couldn’t find any possible reason apart from the fact that I actually applied for a job (IT position) at the FBI way back. It’s been quite sometime, so that didn’t ring my bell.

For few minutes, I was thinking back and forth whether or not should I call them back?! They didn’t leave me any voicemail either so that made the whole thing even more complicated. So, I decided to call them back regardless just to be on safe side. To the best of my knowledge, I didn’t commit any kind of crime so I had nothing to be afraid of. Eventually I called them back.

After few minutes of recorded message, an operator picked up my call. I explained the whole thing and he assured me saying that most probably someone made a phone call masking their original phone number with the FBI number. This method is popularly known as “spoofing” and it does happen every now and then. However, he moved on saying that there are thousands of employees at that specific headquarter and there’s no way for him to know if anyone made a call from their number to mine or not. Emphasizing, that if they have any question or query regarding “me”, they will definitely get in touch with me or will leave me a voicemail with a callback number. We can definitely find you, if we need you.

What the gentleman stated makes perfect sense to me and I started realizing that most probably it was not the FBI that actually called me. Our conversation, ended within few minutes and I hung up saying “thank you” for his clarification. However, it left me wondering, how come someone dare to use FBI phone number just to make fun?! Shouldn’t this be illegal to do such thing? If it is, what exactly they are doing to stop this practice and find people who are harassing ordinary citizens?!



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