All these Lazy Days

  • iftekhar
  • Feb 19, 2017
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Back in those days when I was at the School, I remember writing posts talking about how busy my life was. My jobs, classes, home works, I mean I was really busy trying to finish my stuff on time. But I think ever since I graduated, my life became a bit slower. Typical 9-5 job and then I got all the time in the world to do my own stuff. But there is hardly anything that would keep me busy with rest of the day or perhaps the night.

Tonight when I logged into my site, I was looking at the little widget (plugin) that I created to show the number of posts that I have written on any given month for last 12 months; and I was pretty surprised that I didn’t write even a single post on February! Wow! that was unbelievable! I just couldn’t believe my own eyes.

I started thinking, what’s going on?! Am I too busy or I am just getting lazy lately? I think it’s bit of both. I am not shy to admit that though. Frankly speaking, I think we all go through a phase in all of our lives when we expect a change or want it so badly to happen that we become a bit unaware of typical ourselves.

It is quite true that I want a change in my life. I think I also need a long anticipated break that I am waiting for quite some time now. Perhaps a break for few days or weeks would be good enough for me to re-energize myself and get back to work with full of enthusiasm.

I know deep inside me, I still have that urge to write. There are too many things and ideas that I want to talk about. I think the innate human desire of expressing him or herself never ends. It’s a lifelong journey, only ends with the end of a life itself. Whatever the subject matter is, I just want to write, until the end.



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