Hi, I am your host Iftekhar Bhuiyan. Ya, I know it’s kinda hard to pronounce. You can call me “Ifte” though. I am a life long Student, avid Photographer and Web Developer by Profession from the “Big Apple“.

My Passion

I got my first computer back in 1996 as a gift from my uncle Mr. Kauser Bhuiyan. As a young kid, I got fascinated by all the things that I could have done on my computer. It took me very little time to fall in love with my computer. Over the years, I realized my passion for computer became my addiction.

I also got introduced to the Web world by my uncle and ever since my interest for web technologies grew every day. Learning HTML at a very early age, I spent most of my High school years playing around with codes in Visual Studio and creating web pages on my computer. Gradually I have learnt PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, C++ and other languages yet I still feel like, I got lot more to learn. Currently I am learning Python and Java.

WordPress is something I love and admire the developers who are working behind this CMS. Fact of the matter is, this very website is also built on WordPress platform.

I started blogging back in 2006 and it remained my passion up until today. Never thought of taking blogging as my profession as I always had deep passion for this. However, somehow my passion became my profession and I love doing what I do.

Got 12 years of Web Designing experience. However, I took web designing as my profession since 2006. Over the last couple of years I started developing WordPress based sites and some of the sample of my work can be found from the “Portfolio” section of this site.

What I do?

I finished my Bachelors Degree as a Computer Information System major from Baruch College under The City University of New York (CUNY) system. Currently I am learning number of programming languages and working on some of my Business ideas. I am also in the process to get my Graduate admission.

By profession, I am a Graphic, Web designer and Developer. Currently, I am accepting project based works as well. So, if you are interested to build your site/blog from ground up or simply just want to consult with me regarding your project; head towards the contact page and drop me an email. I will get back to you within the shortest possible time frame.

How Can I Help You?

On this site, you will find me writing blog and articles on numerous topics which I think would be useful for many. I extensively write on Graphics and Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, C++ WordPress, Photoshop etc.). If you are thinking of about your Personal Blog site or a Business website to sell your products or services, may be I can help you with that. So, let’s talk or simply get in touch, we will figure something out for sure.

You can easily reach me through email or simply connecting with me on social media (Google+, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress) sites. I am here to help.

Links I Follow

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